Mike Jolley on "[Plugin: WooCommerce] Google doesn't index products pages?"

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    Hello everyone!
    I've searched for answers on this problem and have not found out an answer yet.

    I made site and later on added an online shop with woocommerce where I have some products. I haven't yet added their cost etc. because for the time being I use it as a catalogue.

    The problem now is that Google does not index the products. When I search for them they don't exist (or are 10+ pages later which is less than ideal). I have submitted a sitemap (generated by a plugin) that does include said products.
    Google did index the rest of the pages but seemingly refuses to do so with the products, which is the main reason of the site. Two weeks or so have passed since I submitted the sitemap (re-submitted it various times since then) but still no success.
    I used a custom page for products since I wanted a particular look for the shop page.Is it possible that this is the reason the products don't get indexed? I used a SEO plugin to add meta tags, title, description etc and thought that would be enough, but has not helped at all.
    Also in Google Analytics when I look at the Content Keywords, the keywords that relate to the products have very low significance and don't even show the actual product page as Top URLs.

    Is this a Woocommerce problem or am I posting this in the wrong place? Please help me on this. Thank you for your time.

    Here is the link to the page. Products are in Greek, but I have translated some of the pages, if that helps.


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