staze on "[Plugin: EWWW Image Optimizer] Conflict with NextGen gallery"

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    Seem to be having an issue with ewww and nextgen. Either enabled by themselves, it's fine. But if both are enabled, and I attempt to activate any other plugins, I get the following:

    PHP Fatal error: Class 'C_Gallery_Storage' not found in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer/nextgen2-integration.php on line 553


    That's strange, what version of NextGEN are you running?

    NextGen 2.1.23. For reference, this is on a multisite install.

    Also, running PHP 5.6.18, WordPress 4.2.2.

    Ok, are the plugins (nextgen and EWWW) activated multisite, or are you activating them on individual sites?

    Previously, ewww was multisite activated, and nextgen was individual site activated. While attempting to activate ANY other plugins, I would get the error message shown (well, I'd get an error 500 in a browser, but the logs would show the "C_Gallery_Storage" error).

    Activating both on an individual site works. So it would seem to be something with EWWW multisite activated?

    That is plausible, as I only test multisite with Nextcellent. All my nextgen testing is done on single-site. I think I have another multi-site install that I can use for testing, so I'll see what I can find out.

    Awesome, thanks.

    Note that NextGen was NOT enabled on the primary site in the multisite setup, just one of the sub-sites. So I almost wonder if EWWW was failing because of that.

    Anyway, let me know. =)

    good information, when I activate them both network-wide, everything seems ok, so i'll try that next

    Hmm, I get no errors no matter how I activate NextGEN if EWWW is active network-wide.

    Interesting. okay, let me try to recreate.

    okay, so, have two sites. Primary and Secondary.

    Primary site has NextGen Deactivated, EWWW activated.
    Secondary site has NextGen activated, EWWW is deactivated.

    Network Activate EWWW.

    Now, go to the secondary site, in plugins, and attempt to activate ANY other plugin. Immediate Error 500, and the log shows that same C_Gallery_Storage. =/

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