yuvalo on "[Plugin: WP Google Analytics Events] won't work on images inside a gallery"

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    I'm giving the image link tags a css class and putting that class name inside the plugin's configuration, but it simply won't work. the code of the page looks like this..<img-here class="attachment-full size-full"/>

    I've tried classes of wine1, wine1 set-target no-lightbox, and it just won't work.

    when i put the class of the image (attachment-full), the tracking works fine. but the class of the link itself, it wont work for me

    please please please help


    update, when i put the class of the image itself, (attachment-full), the tracking still does not work. Would I have to pay for the pro version to get this functionality?

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    Can you send me a link to the page? There shouldn't be a problem with your use case.


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