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I am confused and need serious help to sort out taxation issue in my site.Anybody with any code and help is really appreciated!!

I have 2 taxation scheme in my country.One is TAX A charged if product delivered within state and another TAX B if product delivered in another state of same country.

Now if 'seller' a user role in my site is in state A and customer is in state A then TAX A is applied.If seller is in state A and customer is in state B then TAX B is applied.

I have created taxes in woocommerce.But,during checkout it is not checking anything and applying both the taxes.

I need a solution asap as my site will be launched soon.


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Can anybody guide me ?

Who is "seller"? Wouldn't that be you as its your store and you get the money in your account?

Tax classes should be used. You'll need one per origin state, then set the rates up that apply.

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