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Table I-B4 must be blank, not 0, to remove the one pixel gray border. See the help under the [?]

Did you tick the 'use thumb if fit' box in Table I-C9? I still see the large images being loaded.

The slideonly slideshow does not look at the slideshow page size.
What if i add a setting to limit the number of slides in a slideonly slideshow, and we set the sort-order to random, using the wppa_set shortcode?
This would limit the generated html to only a few slides - say 5 -, while a new page load will give a small selection of different images out of the album, suggesting a larger selection.

I removed all links by [wppa_set name="wppa_slideshow_linktype" value="none"][/wppa_set] to reduce the html.

You can leave this one out to get the default links, but if you link to lightbox AND you have large descriptions that are shown on the lightbox display, it will generate a lot of html.

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