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Thanks for this great plugin. Maybe I missed something in the documentation & hence this question.

Have reached till this stage :- Users submit my form, which I can successfully display as a table. Also managed to make the 'Name' field clickable.

However, I would like to show the entire individual form submission of the user with all details, when his name is clicked in the table. How to achieve this.

PS: In the admin page, when I click on 'Submitted' column, it throws up the entire individual form (How to do similar thing on front end, using name etc.)

Many Thanks in advance for your support.

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I've gotten this question a few time. So I just created this FAQ: Creating a Master-Detail View

Posted 1 month ago #

Thanks, Michael.

That is a very detailed response (exactly something a non coder like me would expect), which is deeply appreciated.

Let me work on this and revert in case I run into some hurdles.



This latest addition (although probably always a feature) is just brilliant. Many thanks for the FAQ which allows our users to see all details of their submission outside of the table view.

Very much appreciated.


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Hi Michael,

I tested the 'Master Detail View' with Contact Form 7 and it worked fine, just as you guided me.

However, I am not able to achieve the same with 'Form maker' plugin.

What I have done till now is this:
- pasted shortcode [cfdb-save-form-maker-page] on the page with the form, using a default form maker form [Form id="1"]
- created master page and copy/pasted your code as guided with correct form name
- created detail page with link and copy/pasted code as guided for CF7.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards

The question of getting values from Form Maker and that of creating the master-detail view are entirely separate.

(1) To the first question, do you have a Form Maker form on some page and does CFDB save its submissions?

(2) Given that you have some data captured in CFDB, (regardless of what form plugin you use), you can then make a master-detail view.

It is not clear from your post what part is not working, and what happens when you try.

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