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Please keep in mind that I am new to wordpress.

I've tried to upload images from add media to one of my pages, and link that image to other page on my website. It works when I do not give it a name, but when I do, it zooms in the image(what I think) and a error pops up saying "The image could not be loaded". When I click on "The image" it takes me where it is supposed to take me.

Link to problem on my website:

Help appreciated.

Thank you

First steps would be to narrow the issue down to your theme, or your plugins. Do you know which has the issue?

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I have no idea, I use Flatsome | Responsive WooCommerce Theme, if that helps

Try deactivating all of your plugins to explore whether any are responsible. If none are, then it's likely an issue with your theme. If it's a theme issue then you'd need to talk to your theme's vendors about this.

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