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Hi there folks,

I was looking a bit at and other multisite related support threads.

It looks like you mentioned it is supported on multisite so that all subsite activity is together in one etc and potentially sortable as wanted by subsite in one dashboard via the Network Admin area.

I just installed it, but I do not see a menu option in the Network admin area.

Could you let me know how to get it to show etc?


I've got the same question. If I have to check the log on every single site that is in my multipress install, it's not very usefull to me.
As the plugin seems really nice, I'd like to know if there is going to be this kind of feature in the near future.


Also wondering about that feature.

Currently I have WP Multi Network with 7 blogs (there will be much more) and it would be incredibly useful to check for security and editor's mess in one place.

It's little more complicated when going on Settings, but maybe concept from Jetpack (some network global and blog individual) or just blog individual will be enough.
For me the most important is just the Log, so I can take eye on every logged activity in whole network in one place.

I could even help with doing it, but first I need to know how whole concept should look.


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Finally, on the network working properly, or not?
It may be activated after installing it on the network so that only administrators see it?

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