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I'm using Enigma theme for my website and I've encountered problems with slider.
I've read multiple posts in here about this problem, and they say that preferred size for the slider is 1400x570, so I changed all my pictures to that size. But instead of showing them smaller, the slider just crops them on the sides, and they're still big enough to cover all the screen.
However, there is still one slide picture that works exactly as I'd all of them to show up. And that changing of sizes looks messy.
Anyway, any ideas how I could resize slideshow to have pictures of the right size and not cropped?
Here is a link to my website
Thank you :)


Your slider images are not same dimensions, please use the same size images.

Let's know further assistance.


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I've double-checked that all the images in the slider are of the same size 1400x470, but the slider still cuts them off and zooms them.

The link to the website is here

The links to the posts of the pictures here (where there's the original size of them):

I hope that you could recommend something for me to fix this problem
Thank you

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