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This plugin is very useful and simple

I have a problem

My cache timeout is 1 daily

I post every day many articles with hundreds of tags and I have many visitors who they find my articles via tags (with google search).

I don't want my visitors to see the cache version (old articles) but the most recent articles.

Is there a simple way to exclude all the tags from cache? Maybe the folder "tags" with all its content?

Thank you


If the urls of tags has a common string such as "tag", you can exclude it. If not, you add the following code into footer.php.

echo "<!--[wpfcNOT]-->";

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I didn't understand

H have a common string "" and I have a "tag" folder in the Cache with many subfolderes.

What I could do?
Which is the exact prosedure to exclude this folder?

Thanks Emre

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Also, the footer.php is the file inside the folder of the theme I use or in another folder?

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