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I saw a previous post asking about the same question. However, adding "Shop" to the menu does not work. It does not bring vendors to their shop but the woocommerce shop. Is there anyway to add a menu button to bring vendors to their shops directly?


@yzkoh - I think you want to redirect the vendor on their own shop page, right? If so then please note if the vendor is logged in and is on "Vendor Dashboard", there the vendor will find the "shop" option. Upon clicking that the vendor will be re-directed to his own shop only.

And If you want a separate tab for the vendor shop page then please go through this link - https://wordpress.org/support/topic/separate-store-vendors-checkout.

Let us know if it helped.



"Once the WCMp vendors option is available on under the "Menu" then click it and select the vendor name from there and place them below under the "Shop" menu. In this way you can create individual vendor shop page."

There is no item inside the WCMp vendors box.

@yzkoh - I am sharing a screenshot - https://goo.gl/1o9WO3, hope that will help you to understand what I have tried to explain.


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