shindre33 on "[Plugin: PayPal for WooCommerce] PayPal Plus: Lastschrift payment method not working"

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Hi there,

Thanks for the great plugin but we have tested several times in live environment and Lastschrift payment method for PayPal Plus is not working for us while all others (Credit Card and standard Paypal) are working.

What happen is that when an order using the Lastschrift payment method is used the payment doesn't go through and it redirects to the cancel URL set within the plugin settings.

In the WooCommerce backend the status of the order using the Lastschrift payment method for PayPal Plus is marked as "Pending Payment" - this happens with several tests we've made in live environment.

Again, credit card and standard paypal payments are working fine - only Lastschrift is not working for us.

Lastly, when you fill out the checkout page in woocommerce checkout, the information doesn't transfer to the PayPal payment page for us and the customer have to enter his/her information again. This second issue happens to all payment methods (credit card, standard Paypal, and Lastschrift).

Hope you can help. Thanks!



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