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i have some issues with the Date Picker option.

I have the website in Italian language, if i set the date picker in "it" on the language dropdown selector, it remains in english (the days name and the start day of the week). I've tried a lot of times, reinstalled plugin and a lot more but nothing. Continues to stay in english language.

Second thing: it's possible to set that if i select one day on the first picker, the second one starts from the day after the first i picked on the previous box?

take a look here:

Hi there,
this is a real bug. I have made an issue on the repo where you can keep track of it.

And date syncing is something I have been planning but currently not supported. I'll look at doing a tutorial on how to do it though.

okay!thank you so much.

about the date syncing: at my office i have developers that can help me, could you give me some advice on how to solve the problem "temporarily" or it's better if i wait an update from you?

ye, I have done it before on a project and I've put it up in a gist for you.

hi David, i've tried your customization but it doesn't work :( i'm putting it in the wrong place?

where I have to put it?


when i add your JS to my website i get a problem: the departure date is +1month+1day

example: if i set 04 april on the arrival, the departure automatically set to 05 may. :(

David can you help me?

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