danieliser on "[Plugin: Popup Maker] Performance Issues - database autoload"

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@jrgodoi - That is about the only place we can store them, so yea it is needed, but we can set it to not auto load. That isn't needed anywhere but in the popup theme editor to generate the list of google font options. You should be able to safely set it to auto load no.

Google font apis only allow for a limited number of pulls for each API key, so to keep from overusing it the fonts have to be stored locally for a period of time.

Also that key looking at it now is not an option, but a transient(notice it begins with _). That means it deletes itself occasionally to refresh it.


That said per WordPress documentation transients with an expiration are never autoloaded so it shouldn't be affecting you at all really.

NB: transients that never expire are autoloaded, whereas transients with an expiration time are not autoloaded.

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