bhaldie on "[Plugin: Memphis Documents Library] Embed a Document in a page or post?"

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Hi, thanks for this great plugin. I am working on site where the owner would like to embed a document in a page or a post. Kind of similar to how you have on the preview tab when you click on goto post on a single document in the list.

jut to be clear you are looking for an embed code to place mDocs post on any page?

Id like to embed a single doc on a post or a page. Here is a link:

right now - it's showing the title of the post - and the title of the document - which in this case happen to be the same. I am assuming this is a page template that is part of your plugin? I'd like to be able to either control the layout of this page, or just embed the document in my own post or page. Thank you!

yes i see the problem, currently there is nothing you can do to remove the double title, but I will add a feature that will allow you to hide the title.

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