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Long time, no talk. we're testing other parts of our website and backend systems before launch and are still incredibly pleased with WC Fields Factory. Great job! I was looking for WC Fields Factory / WooCommerce version compatibility. Do you have this information posted anywhere (i.e. what versions of WooCommerce have been tested with the specific version of WC Fields Factory)? I was looking for this information to know whether it's ok to upgrade WooCommerce to version 2.6 while I'm running WC Fields Factory 1.3.4. If you don't have this version compatibility information posted anywhere, you might consider it. I think it would be very helpful.

Thanks again for a great plugin and great support!

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Just thought I'd chime in one this one. Have updated to 2.6 and have had no problems with WC Fields Factory v1.3.4. Still works like a charm!

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