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I have installed the wppa+ into a fairly vanilla WP installation. I am now trying to get the location map displayed on my photo's. As described in the documentation, I have added w#location into the Custom box. When displaying the slides, a custom box gets displayed, but it is thin and shows no map (I have checked the EXIF data and it definitely contains the location data (e.g. SubjectLocation: 2015; 1511; 2217; 1330).

I even tried the custom code as described in this post
the Hide/Show text was displayed, but the map was not displayed...

I'm sure this is something dumb. Am I missing a setting or a plugin to enable the display of the map?


Did you select wppa+ embedded code in Table IX-K5 ? If not, do it.

Thanks for replying.

Yes, IX-K5 is already set to "WPPA+ Embedded Code", but the location map is not displayed.

II-B14 is enabled and II-B15 is set to "w#location" (without the quotes).

Do you have any other ideas?


Can you give us a link?

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Here is a link to a test site

The empty box above the Show EXIF Data lin should contain the location map.


On the Photo Albums -> Album Admin -> edit -> Manage Photos admin page, do you see something like:
Location: N 52°56'49.251" W 1°13'11.443"
in the right hand column, right before Photoname ?

I doubt if there is location data in the exif.
You should in exif see something like this:

GPS_IFD_Pointer: 780

Try this photo: (download and upload to your site)

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Yes, that was the problem - missing GPS EXIF data.

Sorry for wasting your time.

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