marzuk on "[Plugin: W3 Total Cache] varnish purge not working"

ساخت وبلاگ

I noticed varnish purging is not working. I'm using varnish4 even if I enter lol for the varnish backend in w3tc it returns a success message. I found this when I noticed it didnt work and tweaked my vcl so no ip would be valid and yet no error.

Turns out the plugins issue: PURGE /.*

Varnish 4 apparently *always responds 200 in this instance but purge wont take a wildcard request it needs to be ban. Haven't quite figured out how yet.

not a problem with the plugin though :)

marzuk, thanks for clarifying :)

for what its worth I've tested and implemented the following varnish config

I'n no expert on vcls but this one works well and appears very polished/ well structured, the inc/purge.vcl could at the least serve as an example to get started with.

out of the box this config bypasses varnish or logged in users.

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