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Hi, I want to change the original Sydney theme's main menu to a static horizontal menu. Is the any code I could insert that would do this?

note: I'm not familiar with writting html or css codes, so if it's not much asking, I would be happy if someone could explain how to do it step-by-step.

Thanks in advance.

So you want to change the default mobile menu to become horizontal as seen on the larger screen? I am not sure, though. Could you please refer to this thread?


What do you mean by static? Do you want the nav to follow you down the page as you scroll? fixed?

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Thanks for paying attention to my doubt Kharis Sulistiyono and briand99.

I want to have a horizontal menu bar with the pages always visible at the top of the page; is it possible? Maybe It's not called "static" as I called it.

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do me a favor go into your theme editor and at the bottom of style.css paste this;

.navbar-nav {

Is this what your wanting it to do?

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Just wanting to see if I understand what your asking for

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