rtcunningham on "WordPress 4.6 admin font change looking odd! Any solution?"

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Please read thru the thread. You will find why the change was make and a plugin to use.

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Which is your plugin?

@Ipstenu: thanks, the plugin is uploaded.



It is not approved yet @ WordPress.org, but you can follow instructions to create it manually (or even directly implement the code @ theme's functions.php if you wish). Also, you can download zip archive, if you wish to try it out (link is near the bottom of the article). It takes a little different approach from George, but does the same thing.

Darko, your reply was deleted because it looked like you were posting the same thing multiple times. sorry about that.

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no problem, appreciate it.

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Hi all,

I'm using Linux Mint 18 and the change was slightly unnerving. I fixed it with the Admin CSS plugin mentioned. I use "Noto Sans", which matches what I have on my laptop. These fonts work as well:


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