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The responsive issue hasn't been solve yet (see bellow), and I am now experimenting another issue. Mooving my review until a solution is found:

I have just updated all WordPress, Twenty-twelve theme and Foo Gallery and my galleries now are a total mess...

I don't even know where to start, even through I have spent so much time to build it when I could and now hardly have time to run the blog... :(

Could you please help me? Is there any compatibility issue?
What can I do?

As I couldn't let my site that way, I have chosen the "less worst" solution and changed the gutter to 30.

So for you to see what the bug is, I have printed the screen.
Here is the picture:

Good, but not responsive on celular in most of the themes...

I loved the masonery style, very easy to use, does not create double with the WP media library.
The look is stunting on computuer, but after having build all my galleries on Snapshot theme, I had to change and discovered it is not responsive in any other theme I tried: the thumbnails do not resize and stay bigger than the screen.
I had no answer on the support forum and saw some other peapole with similar problems and no solution, a pity...
I'll try to wait a little more to see if there is an update...

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