James Huff on "After a Cloudflare 301 Redirect Page Rule for site, do I change internal links?"

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I use Cloudflare, quite happily for years, for my three WordPress sites. I recently received an email from them saying I should create a page rule to do a wild card 301 redirect to redirect my http protocol to https. (I already had SSL: Flexible enabled.)

The change is working fine -- I key in a http://mysite.com/... page and it redirects it to a https://mysite.com/... page.

But now I'm wondering about all my internal links on my WordPress posts and pages that begin with http. Do I need to do a search and replace on my site and change all the http to https?

It would be best to change those. Try this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/velvet-blues-update-urls/

Thanks James. I had also been asking Cloudflare support about this. Here is there reply:

I believe there is an option to do HTTP rewriting should take requests that have HTTP in front and rewrite them to HTTPS. This is meant for the links on the page, and the assets on the back end. I believe the is an option in the plug-in to activate HTTP rewriting. Otherwise, you can use any number of HTTP rewriting plug-ins that exist for WordPress. This should resolve the issue.

Does that sound right? And when I say right, I mean right like Google is cool with it and I won't lose any page rankings.

Not that I'm familiar with, but I haven't used Cloudflare's plugin in a while (I assume that's what they're referring to).

If you're committed to HTTPS, and I recommend it, then I suggest just using Velvet Blues to simply change the URLs throughout your content.

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