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Hi there -

I was trying to respond to a few updated topics in the support forum for the BackUpWordPress plugin and two of the topics were closed to new replies. Unfortunately, both had new replies just before they were closed, and both are still ongoing issues we're trying to resolve. One topic was started 6 months ago, and the other was started 3 months ago. If it would be possible to re-open these two I would appreciate the chance to respond to them.


Thanks so much for your help, really appreciate it!

ps - I read through the posts and it said to use the 'modlook' tag if you wanted a mod to take a look so I hope this is the right application of that tag? If not I apologize!

Using modlook is alright in this case. ;)

Can we Reopen 2 specific Closed topics in Support Forum

Not at this time but in a few days you may be able to reply to those topics. I'll double check the "may" part.


Topics older than two months have been marked as closed so that they can be imported prior to the window. You will still be able to create new topics and reply to recent topics until the window begins.

The forum DB is being migrated into an updated version of the bbPress software and during the import they will not be available for replies.

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