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Hi, I'm using FileAway version

I'm unable to get jpg, png, and gif files to open in a new window. The image files open at the very bottom of my page. PDFs do however open in a new window.

This is the setting I've put in the "New Window" field: .pdf, .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif

This is my shortcode: [fileaframe source="/files/" name="files"]

When hovering over the image item in the file list, the link displayed at the bottom of the browser is: javascript:

When I inspect element, this is what I see:
<span class="ssfa-filename">AsiaFresh</span>

If I directly copy this link from inspect element and paste into the browser, the image shows. However, if I right click the file name from the FileAway list, open in new tab, nothing appears and the Title tag is: about:blank

It doesn't make sense to me why it's opening PDFs in a new tab, but not the other file types.

Your help is appreciated.

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